Meaningful Contacts Organisation with DreamConnect 2

DreamConnect 2 is a powerful contact manager for Symbian UIQ 2 smartphones, offering an abundance of time saving features which let you manage your contact information effortlessly. It replaces the standard contacts application, offering a much more sophisticated way to manage your contacts and the relationships in your contact list.

Powerful Contact Management Features

DreamConnect 2 displays contact information in a convenient, business card layout, giving you all the information you need at a glance. It's reversible editing allows you to make changes without the risk of losing data, intelligent contact merge automatically collates contact data with updated information, and you have the flexibility of managing multiple contacts at the same time. It also includes "smart find", and improved "send to" functionality, allowing you to send any type of message to as many contacts as you like, specifying the type of address (work and/or home).

The latest version boasts smoother scrolling, as well as vCard export, allowing easy export of your contacts to DreamConnect 3.

This intuitive contact manager also features industry first hierarchical sub-folders to let you more accurately reflect your relationships, making contact grouping a breeze. DreamConnect 2 also allows you to search using the revolutionary "smart find", lets you message directly from the contact record via the scroll wheel, and has many other clever features such as a search history which make contact management a pleasure.

DreamConnect 2 will help you make the most of your contacts, so download a trial or purchase today.