DreamConnect Manages Your Contacts For You

DreamConnect helps you stay connected with other people more easily. It is a contact management application that saves you time and increases convenience in managing your contact information.

DreamConnect is designed specifically for people who have a large number of contacts and those who frequently need to look up contacts' information.

Its unique business card information display ensures your information can be viewed at a glance.

Multiple categories allow each contact to belong to a number of groups. Its powerful Smart Find allows you to do precise searches, and fifteen levels of zoom provide exactly the right size for easy viewing, regardless of conditions.

A powerful contacts manager.
- EpocBoulevardEpocBoulevard

Your existing contacts database is used. There is no need to re-enter or import your contacts, no possibility for error and contacts are kept up-to-date at all times. Performance options and the copy+paste capability enhance the usability of DreamConnect.

Learn how you can manage your contacts efficiently.